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My parents and I arrived in Zurich on Sunday. We took a cab to the hotel and I was once again overwhelmed at the beauty of European cities. I just can't get enough.
We checked into the hotel and got a corner room. The above picture is a view from one of the windows. I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH.
We got settled, ordered my tired Mommy some food, and my Pappy and I went downstairs to try "The Best Thai in Zurich". OH.......I'll be the judge of THAT! (I judged it. I was well pleased.)
It was during this dinner that I realized I could probably never return to Zurich on my own. Zurich is NOT cheap. And I can't seem to get it together in a monetary sense. I mean, unless I finally become famous. I just don't know how to do things that rake in the dough......and all the things I like to do are........

WHOA! I've derailed the post! 

Sorry. *ahem*

The rest of Sunday was chill and sleep time. Although, I did discover that my dad also shares my insomnia problems. 
*sigh* I love you sleep! Why don't you love my whole family?!?

Monday was the day! Monday was a day of such joy for me.....I just don't know what to do with myself. 
Monday was the day we went to see the Wuergler Farm. EEEEEEEE! 

My dad and I went back to the airport and rented a car. We got one of those WiFi things, so I could use my Google Maps. BRILLIANT. This might be old news to most of you, but I was not aware of Hot Spots. You could blame it on China, if you like. I feel like I was gone a lot longer than two years.
Anyway. WE WERE OFF to Russikon. Man, what a fantastic drive. I told my dad at one point that the whole country is a postcard. Switzerland is art.

Driving up to the farm...
Staring at the crops they grow for the cows...
Wandering the farm...
This is the view from one of the new barns...
The original part of the farm...and Pappy...

I'm sure they have done some work on the main building since the 1800's, but that is the only original building. The other three barns were added by the family that owns it now. They also built another small house on the property for the grandparents.

Anyway...my dad is a brave soul and is not afraid of strangers. :D We saw a woman in the garden as we were driving by the first time. So, my dad parked by a barn, used the German he has been going to Saturday classes for, and explained to the woman that his great grandfather was born at the farm. 
The woman got a huge kick out of that! They talked for a while and she showed my dad and I a plank of wood under the eave behind my dad in the picture. The wood said, in old German, that so and so had built the house for so and so on such and such date. (I'm sure my dad remembers what it said.) Well, my dad let her know that the man who built the house was the father of his great-grandfather's mother. 
(My dad later wondered aloud if the farm was built as a wedding present when the daughter married a Wuergler.)
The woman then introduced us to her husband and invited us in for lunch. SO NICE! While she was cooking, her husband gave us a bit of a tour of the farm.

The lunch was so good. The vegetables came from the garden above (except the potatoes) and the cheese came from their cows. Not the cows that live on the farm with them....the cows they have up in the Valley. So, they call it Mountain Cheese. SO GOOD!
The cows on the farm with them do make award winning milk and cheese though. They had awards in the kitchen going back about 15 years. 
They were absolutely lovely people. It would have been so cool to get there and find another Wuergler, but these people welcomed us into their home like we WERE family. It was beyond anything I could have dreamed. 

We left the farm, which is just outside Russikon, and went to one of the churches in Russikon. My dad told me that this is the church where my ancestors were baptized. 

My love for history is strong. And being INSIDE some of my family history was mind blowing for me. I felt lighter while on this family journey. It was easier to breathe, or I was floating. Maybe both.


We then went back to the hotel to get my mom some dinner. My poor mom! She was such a champion on this trip, but she was tired and just ready to go home. Being sick is THE WORST. I want all my loves to be healthy and skippy. Let's be skippy together. (Where did I put that magic lamp?)
So, Tuesday, I spent the day with my momma. My dad had gone to the University to look through records with a man that has been helping him with family tree stuff. He had a GREAT day and found more family going back to 1774. (It might have been 1772. It was amazing, whatever the date...)
Dinner that night was a brat the size of my face with mashed potatoes in a pearl onion gravy. The butter brought to the table came from the Marriott Cow. Well, she belongs to the restaurant inside the Marriott, but our waiter called her the Marriott Cow. eCHo is the owner of “Gretli” and she grazes on the Alp of Hinterhuismatt. I didn't try her cheese, but she makes excellent butter.

Wednesday my dad and I returned the car to the airport and then took the train back into the city. I went back to the hotel, had some lunch, and then set off on my own little journey. There was a church that I kept seeing from the window and I decided it probably wasn't that long of a walk. So.......

I was right. It only took about 20 minutes. So, after I got done wandering around there, I decided to walk the rest of the way to the lake. 

I sat for a bit and enjoyed a guy playing a sax. But, the clouds started to look like they wanted to open. *sigh* It rained a lot on this trip. You'd think I would have been better prepared on this jaunt. NOPE.
So, I decided to make my way back.....but, I decided to do it on the other side of the river. Which was dumb. I mean, I got to see more of the historical buildings, but there wasn't as much cover after the sky did open. So. Soggy Leah.

Happy. Soggy. Leah.

The rest of the evening was drying off, reading, talking to my parents, enjoying the company of my parents, and trying to be tired. International Check-In is the pits! :D We had to leave pretty early on Thursday morning to get me to the airport. But, sleep did not come easily on Wednesday night.

And then, sadly, I came home. What an adventure. And adventure filled with some of my favorite things! Chocolate, family, cheese, history, and soup. 

I'm so grateful that I got to go on this journey. I'm just beyond. BEYOND!

Thanks for reading!

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