Monday, July 28, 2014

Never and Always

Never and Always
Leah Wuergler

I never sleep, for sleeping is not living.
I always sleep, for dreaming is my life.
I never live, for reality is my fear.
I'm always afraid, for reality is everywhere.
I'm never alone, for my mind keeps me company.
I'm always alone, for my mind is always gone.
I'm always happy, for life is good.
I'm never happy, for life is long.
I always smile, so no one knows.
I always laugh, so no one knows.
I always, for I never.

***I found a book filled with my poetry and stories from college. EXCITING! (These were mostly assignments in my various poetry classes. And now they will make my blog famous.......right? RIGHT?!) I didn't write dates on them. But, I can narrow it to 2000-2004.***

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Wow, poetry again. You are AMAZING with words!