Monday, July 28, 2014


A 2 Voice Poem
Leah W

The most horrible beast                    The most promising creature
   a carnivore of power
                                                              a vessel of love
   a being of hate
        hate                                                   love
We are empty and cold                     We are full of warmth
       kill or be killed
we steal, take, and pilfer                    we give, share, and own
life, love, and hope                            life, love, and hope
       we are blind                                      yet, we are blind
we cannot see that                             we cannot see that
     We Cannot Win                                 We Cannot Win
                                                          all must come to an end
we are killing ourselves
with the rest
     slowly                                                 slowly
                                                          we give our lives
we die                                               and we die
for nothing
                                                         for everything
we are                                              we are

***I found a book filled with my poetry and stories from college. EXCITING! (These were mostly assignments in my various poetry classes. And now they will make my blog famous.......right? RIGHT?!) I didn't write dates on them. But, I do know that it was somewhere in the 2000-2004 range.***

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