Monday, July 28, 2014


Leah Wuergler

Blood runs through your veins like a wild brush fire,
Your heart pumps excitedly in response.
Your head spins and you're sure your stomach will burst.
You run your lines through your head for the tenth time,
as the curtain opens with a slow melodic pace.
There they are, the critics, the families, 
the people you know and love, and don't care much for.
You are so sure they are scrutinizing your ever move,
your every breath.
You want so much to please, so much to entertain.
They roll through emotions with you,
with the person that is not you.
If you falter, it is lost.

The end has come, you made it through.
The drapes come, blocking the crowd from view.
Relief flows through you, like water killing the brush fire.
Pride and exultation wash your face.
Applause still echoes in your ears and in your soul.
Then you go to Denny's.

***I found a book filled with my poetry and stories from college. EXCITING! (These were mostly assignments in my various poetry classes. And now they will make my blog famous.......right? RIGHT?!) I didn't write dates on them. But, I do know that it was somewhere in the 2000-2004 range.***

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Who made Denny's the universal post performance restaurant? Is it a conspiracy...