Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saying Goodbye...

I spoke at my brother's funeral on Thursday. I would like to share that talk with you.

June 19th, 2014

I always thought Todd and I were pretty different. I am a reader and a writer, Todd was  DOER. He was a DOER on a level I couldn't comprehend.
He amazed me.
He amazes me.
He did everything like the intent was to conquer that thing.
Go big or go home was about Todd.......
You could not tell him that something couldn't be done faster, better, or far more fiercely.

That included loving his family. Fiercely. He might have often been the quietest Wuergler, but he had the loudest heart. He was constantly looking out for others, changing plans, putting off put others first.
I wish, I hope, I can have that patient and giving of a heart.

In 2009, Todd and I went to Mexico. We flew from Dallas to Cancun and then took a shuttle to our hotel. The ride was as long as the flight. Todd's leg was bouncing hard enough to shake the car. He had a list, he had plans, he was excited, and it was GO TIME.
When we got to the hotel and he realized my plans didn't stretch past eating guacamole, he didn't want to leave me behind. He knew I couldn't do the things on his list, so he made one day a day of OUR adventures. He did not leave me behind. And while I worried SO MUCH about him being bored, he worried so much about me being alone.

I came away from that trip realizing I had more in common with my brother than I thought.
He put me first.
Family came first.
We were so in sync with our love of family.
All we talked about then and over the past few years is about how our family should be together. We should spend more time, give more time, and love more fiercely.

Well, I want to honor that....I promise to fulfill that dream. To bring us together more, to celebrate each other more, to love with the intent to conquer.

I believe in ghosts. But, even if I'm wrong, I believe my big brother will invent ghosts to make sure he has a way to prove he can do this too big too. He is going to conquer this new adventure first.....

Go big or go home. He couldn't go big enough he had to go home.

Thank you.

David Todd Wuergler

March 18th, 1965 - June 14th, 2014


Todd Wuergler was everybody’s friend and was a joy to be around. He has gone on before us, and much too soon. His infectious laugh and happy personality will be greatly missed and you could not be around him for very long before you felt as if you had been his lifelong buddy. He loved going fast and it didn’t matter if it was a steep and difficult black diamond ski run or flat out with the throttle wide open on his favorite sportbike. He was happiest when he was doing fun things outdoors and his love of the open road will be a tender memory for all of us who cared for him so dearly.
He returned to his Father in Heaven the day before Father’s Day, Saturday, June 14th in a fatal accident negotiating a tight turn on State Road 12 between Escalante and Boulder Utah while riding with his good friends who shared his love of having the wind in their face.
He is survived by his sweet wife of 26 years, Carolina, his three loving children Brooke Bills (Devin), Samantha and Jake, along with his parents, Sherry and Mike Wuergler, Sisters Debbie and Leah and Brothers Michael and Mark as well as Nephews and Nieces, Christopher and Sidney Howard and Max Danhauer. Because he lived in Utah Valley since 1978, he also leaves a large number of dear friends and colleagues. He certainly affected all those he touched.
Todd was an excellent respiratory therapist, wood worker, electrician, master chef with a grill and a genius with engines. There is nothing he couldn’t build. As a caring healthcare professional we are told that he was especially tender to those under his care who were, literally, breathing their last breath. Because he lived throughout his life in great physical pain himself, he understood the peace and change someone experiences when passing from this life into the next.

Todd, you are greatly loved and will be tenderly remembered. We love you.