Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 12


It hurts. Did I mention that? I'm sure I said something.....cause it does.

I love it.

My first two weeks are almost over! And I'm happy to say, I FEEL STRONGER. Today was the first class where I felt like I could push through it. I didn't stop as often as I did last week and my kicks are getting higher.

This is WONDERFUL news! Cause this week did not start out well for me. It was filled with stress and some negative blah-ness.

Happily, the stress is dying down. I'm starting to feel lighter and more confident that everything is going to be great! Tiffani and I got our new apartment, we got our stuff over there, we can take our bodies over there next week......AND THERE IS JOY IN THE LAND! *inhale* *exhale*

I like joy in the land. I love barre fitness. I recommend it to all the peoples.

Do it. Feel the burn. It hurts (so good).

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