Thursday, April 24, 2014

I was born.

It happens. I mean, we were all born...


The point is, I celebrated the fact that I was born this week. I celebrate twice. Would you like to hear/read about it? Then continue. If not, this would be a good time to exit the ride.

Day 1: Birthday Eve

Tiffani and I decided to go to Disneyland. BECAUSE.

View these pictures:

Here we go!

 Me birthday booty!

This picture is amazing.

But, not quite as amazing as this:

Ummmm.....I thought I was doing a hip hop face. 
I was wrong. 
But, this is so right.

Tiffani made me this card while we were hanging out
at the Thunder Ranch. 

It was an excellent day. It was hot and crowded. But, that's the fantastic thing about having a pass! No worries!


I didn't want to do anything super crazy this year. I mean, I'm doing the Barre, I can't go too crazy anyway.
Which is fine. I don't really like cake. But, man, ice cream would have been the most.

Anyway, Tiffani and I went to lunch at Stone Oven and got the Goat Cheese Chicken Salad.

Tiffani introduced me to this salad pretty soon after my return from China. And I'm in her debt.....this salad is amazing. NOMS.
We then went to See's and got a dark chocolate truffle. So much better than cake!
We wandered around the mall a bit, found a dream couch, washed our hands at Lush, and went home.

I was ready to be done for the day. I was going to watch shows on Hulu, read, and be a vegetable upon my bed. 
But, it seems that Mills had other plans.

She told me we were going on a walk. I thought we were going to get a movie from the Red Box down the street......
But, she was walking really slow and made me take a picture with this tiny crown on my head:

I should have known she was stalling, but she is a talented actress and (I now know) pretty damn good at surprises. 
Lorissa drives up and SURPRISE! We go play mini golf and arcade games.....LIKE THE SILLY KIDS WE ARE! 


 Tiffani was the champion. Lo and I were NECK AND NECK. 

We won 275 tickets....and this is my lovely prize.

It was such a great surprise. I hope Tiffani and Lorissa know how awesome they are. They made my first birthday back in the States a TREASURE! (See what I did there?)

I got so many great messages on Facebook, through texts and email.......I'm one lucky girl. Thank you to everyone that made my birthday special this year. I have amazing friends and family. 

And a gigantic thank you to Tiffani......YAR, MATEY!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 30


I've made it halfway through my 60 day Barre challenge!


This fitness challenge really has changed my life, you guys. I have always hated exercising. I hate sweating, I hate not being able to breathe and feeling like there isn't enough water in the world to quench my thirst.
I hate it.
This challenge has changed me! I'm not saying I love sweating now. I don't. It's super gross. But, now, once I get started in some sort of fitness activity...I want to do more. I want to keep going.
This is new for me. And this is EXCELLENT FOR ME. Cause this means, when this challenge is over, I'm going to keep going!
Health, fitness, and weight loss are three never ending stories. But, I think that FINALLY, I know how to make it a more important part of my life.

Barre changed everything.

I have my half way point weigh in and measurement in two days! I'm excited/terrified to see my results. But, I'm also just plain excited to see how the next 30 days continue to change my mindset as well as my body.



Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 19.


I'm almost to the half way point! My goodness.

This past week of classes was really hard. The instructors have stepped it up each week, but this past week was the first time I've felt real pain. Not muscle burning pain, but my-knees-are-dying-and-I-can't-stand-up-pain.
So, for the first time, I had to tell the teacher that there was something I couldn't do. She told me she would figure out a modification if we ever did that exercise again. But, she is always adding something new to the class, so I might not have to worry about it.

I love that she mixes it up in class. I love that we fall into a routine and then she shakes it up enough to surprise our bodies. It is impossible to be bored!


Also, I'm in my new apartment now. It's not far from where we were before. But, it feels like a totally new area. I'm loving the tree lined streets and older homes. I'm such a sucker for little old houses.
Anyway, the point is.....things seems to be coming together. I'm getting my health in order, I'm getting I just need A JOB (and a love life?).
Come on, Universe, don't quit on me now!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 12


It hurts. Did I mention that? I'm sure I said something.....cause it does.

I love it.

My first two weeks are almost over! And I'm happy to say, I FEEL STRONGER. Today was the first class where I felt like I could push through it. I didn't stop as often as I did last week and my kicks are getting higher.

This is WONDERFUL news! Cause this week did not start out well for me. It was filled with stress and some negative blah-ness.

Happily, the stress is dying down. I'm starting to feel lighter and more confident that everything is going to be great! Tiffani and I got our new apartment, we got our stuff over there, we can take our bodies over there next week......AND THERE IS JOY IN THE LAND! *inhale* *exhale*

I like joy in the land. I love barre fitness. I recommend it to all the peoples.

Do it. Feel the burn. It hurts (so good).