Monday, March 3, 2014

March-y McMarcherson

Welcome to March!

I love this month like seagulls love to steal your lunch at the beach. I get so excited about the return of Spring, the greens getting brighter, giving up bread for Lent, the trees blooming (things that will try to kill me next month), and ST. PATRICK'S DAY! You know I love me some St. Patrick.

I've already started to wear my green....a bit of it. I may have told you this before, so skip ahead if you know this part....
I started a tradition a few years ago. Cause I love tradition. TRADITION. I start on the first and add a bit of green everyday until the 17th, then I start fading the green out until the end of the month. It makes me beyond happy to see the green grow.
It's the simple things, Peeps! That's all we need! A lot of little things that make you happy, well, they start to add up.....and then you are happy everyday like Miss Piggy on the Red Carpet. (She likes that, right? I mean, I'm guessing people taking pictures of her in fancy dresses is one of her favorite things.)

ALSO, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. That's green AND PURPLE! This month was made for me. I should have been born in this month. But, no. I was born in April.....during the time when nature tries to kill me by making it nearly impossible to breathe. Not cool, nature, not cool.

This month, my little thing that makes me happy is all the green. What's yours?

Next month, my little thing that will make me happy is all the Easter chocolate. :D Cause....duh.

HAPPY THINGS, PEOPLE! They are all around!!!

Sorry I keep yelling at you and using exclamation points like a maniac. I'm going to go do something nifty to get rid of all this energy. I'm crazy today! WOOT!

1 comment: said...

I like your green tradition. I think my Mike would like it too. He is crazy about St Patty's day. He's Irish and can drink his weight in Guiness. I can't wait for you to meet!