Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 3


Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking. When we are only 10 minutes into the class and I already feel like every part of my legs are on fire, I wonder what I was thinking. I wonder if I really thought I could do this.......

It's only the third day. So, I will have a better answer to these questions in about a week.

But, I will tell you, I'm beyond proud that the teacher has only had to correct me once. ONCE. I know where to put my feet and kick my legs. I know how to square my hips and elongate my spine. I know how to stand like a dancer!

I know how to do things that I didn't know were second nature to me. It doesn't make it easy, but it sure helps with my confidence during the class.

Every part of my body is on fire. But, this might be the fire that finally changes me.

You gotta have faith, right? (SING THE SONG!) Cause you gotta......

1 comment:

Brooke Bills said...

You are amazing Leah Face!! I've always wanted to try it! Maybe I will now! :)