Monday, November 25, 2013

Dinner and a Movie

So, I teach a class on Saturday that I love to the moon and back. In fact, that class is why I stayed in China for another year.
The sad thing is...the class has lost a lot of students for various reasons. As I'm getting ready to leave, I'm now down to four boys.
Three 12 year olds and one 9 year old monkey boy.
This last Saturday was the day we invited their parents to boss wanted to talk to them about their options for teachers after I leave.
So, moms came, Andrew talked, Jessica talked, I talked (Jessica translated), I got really emotional and started crying........
I brought a cake. I told them that I wanted to share a cake with them to celebrate how great our time has been together. (And then I lost it.)

Anyway, the class is usually 4 hours. But, of course, we couldn't ask their busy moms to sit there for that long. So, this Saturday the class was only 2 hours. But, the boys were not happy about going home.
Kolin was especially displeased about going to be bored at home. He kept begging me to teach them. I kept telling him that I didn't want to trouble his mother.

Well, I guess the three 12 year olds didn't go home. Apparently they all went to Jonny's house. Cause Jessica came to my office and said that Jonny wouldn't stop calling her because they wanted us to go to dinner and a movie with them.
I said sure, but I wasn't hungry.
Jessica's class finished at 7pm. The movie was starting at 8pm. Jonny would NOT stop calling Jessica to see where we were.......(he might be a really annoying boyfriend one day....)

The boys were already done eating when we arrived. So, they spent the next 20 minutes serving us food and walking around the table like our personal waiters.
Jonny wanted us to go upstairs to meet his dogs. We met three of the four dogs and both Jessica and I wanted to steal the puppy. (WANT.) time. "Gravity" was the movie that fit our time needs. But, hey, I'm not going to complain about George Clooney (unless he is dressed as Batman).

 Owen, Kolin and Jonny
WHAT is that face? Stop it, Leah. I don't think partial-kissy-face is a thing...

I had a great time. The movie was good. TENSE.......I need a massage. But, I really enjoyed it. AND, the company was great. 
Man, you guys, I'm going to miss that class like crazy. I hope they all come see me in America one day. I'll return the dinner and movie favor. :D 

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