Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My brother, Michael, had these boots.

If you know my brother, you probably remember the boots. In fact, if
you ever met my brother during my college years, I'm sure you saw the
They were big. They were sturdy. They were ugly.

I never understood my brother's fascination with these boots. I'm not
sure you could call it fascination. Maybe it was love........the great
boot love.........I don't know.
But, they were old and ugly! I didn't understand why he didn't get rid
of them. He would not let them go.

Well, it took me over ten years. But, I finally understand. I get it.

Because now I have magic boots. :D

In October of 2011, I was trying to put together a Halloween costume
for my work. All the employees were dressing up and we were all
working together on Halloween.
So, I had to think of something, but I didn't want to spend much
money. Luckily, I had almost all of the clothes to put together a
somewhat believable "rock star" outfit. I just didn't like my shoe
My sister started looking on the Internet...and she found some pretty
rad looking boots.
They cost less than $50, but I don't remember the exact price. I just
remember that we both thought it was a good deal.


I never liked boots. Cause I don't like anything made of leather. I
don't like the look/stiffness of new leather. And, most of the time, I
think old leather looks gross and dirty. (The only exception was a
couch we had while I was growing up. I loved that couch and chair. I
never thought that leather was ugly....but, I HATED sleeping on
But, I figured I could make myself wear them enough to make it all worth it.
So, they came.....I wore them for Halloween..........and I did not
wear them again.
In America.

I came to China in January of 2012. I started wearing the boots more
because my feet were getting a bit too cold in my Chucks.
I guess they became my winter shoes. And I loved the way they looked.
I just hated wearing them.

Okay. It should be stated here that I hate shoes and socks. I would
live like a Hobbit, if I could. I always want to be barefoot.
So, I didn't understand my brother's obsession with his boots because
they were ugly.....and they were feet prisons.
Boots are PRISON for feet.


It is finally cold enough in China that I have to start wearing more
on my feet again. I can't get away with sandals and Chucks anymore.
So, on Saturday, I put on the boots and I went to work. I didn't
really think about them for most of the day...I didn't really notice
until I was standing at the bus stop.
The boots were finally perfect. I had finally worn them in enough that
they fit my feet just right. They didn't hurt anymore. My feet didn't
feel trapped anymore.

I had reached boot perfection.

I finally understand why my brother held on for dear life. He didn't
let go of those boots until they were taken from him.
Because, sometimes, boots are magic. Sometimes you find a pair of
boots that FINALLY fit your feet in such a way that you don't ever
want to break in a new pair. Ever again.
Why go through the pain again.....WHEN THESE ARE PERFECT?
Of course, it's been two years. Maybe my boots are ugly now too. I
don't know. I'm sure someone will let me know when I get back to

But, good luck getting me to get rid of them.

I have the boot love now.

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