Wednesday, October 2, 2013

14-Year-Old Dream...

Well, almost 14 years....

Since December of 1999, I've been having the same dream AT LEAST twice a year.

In the dream, I see clips of my life. It all starts in the hospital with me giving birth to triplets. I have three little girls. They all look like carbon copies of me....but, they are all red heads with big blue eyes.
The dream gives me random life scenes until the girls are about 6 or 7.

Then I wake up.

Sometimes the random life scenes are different. In one dream, I will get a first day of school scene. In another dream, I'll get a first steps scene for one of the girls.

But, no matter what scenes change, the names always stay the same.

Sebastian Mae
Sadie Jane
Sheridan Lee

I love those names. I love those dreams! So much joy and laughter...

I can't have more kids. But, the dream has been going on for so seems like it is telling me something. Maybe it has nothing to do with the children. Maybe I've been focusing on the wrong part of the dream?
I don't know.

Still love those names though.......

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