Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I had an adventure today. It almost sent me into a full on panic attack. Would you like to hear about it? 

Backstory: Charlie bought an apartment. The construction is supposed to be finished around October. 

Charlie called me around 5pm and said, "Leah. Are you chilling around your house?" I paused to ponder if watching Alias on Netflix was "chilling" enough, decided it was, and told him yes. He said, "they furnished my apartment. Would you like to go over and look with me? I don't want you to be bored."
Well, that sure is nice of him! He said he would meet me downstairs in 20, I had plenty of time to put on pants. 
I met him downstairs and said, "so, they have already furnished your apartment?" He told me that, yes, they put in closets and the kitchen. 
That is not the same as furnished, but my life is full of lost in translation type's all good.

So, we start walking. I'm finding myself grateful for a little extra exercise. I don't remember how long were were walking, but it had to have been less than 20 minutes.

The building was CLEARLY still under construction. Charlie talked to a man in a hard hat and I was SUPER SURPRISED when he directed us to the hole (doorway) in the side of the building. 
We get to the elevator and there is a woman sitting inside of the unfinished lift....she takes us to the 15th floor. We get off, I notice that there are no buttons for the elevator. 
Suddenly, this doesn't seem like a good idea. But, I carry on. We carry on. 
He thinks his apartment is 1505, but SURELY NOT! He is so confused. It is so big. So, we go look at 1507. It is full on in construction mode. I mean, the walls are painted, but.....I have a serious feeling that we should not be on site.
He wander around 1507 and he is sure that this is the size that he paid for, but the contract says 1505. He just knows it. So, I tell him we should go look at the big one. Just for kicks.......
It is going to be stellar. It is going to be beautiful. We walk through the master to the bathroom......
"Charlie! I haven't seen a tub in China! IT'S A BATHTUB!"
He walked up behind me and said some happy swear words. (Swear words in a happy voice....)
"Wow," I said. ".............look at the view!"
"I will have to have sex in this tub," he said.
"...........................okay. Yes. You have to do that.........." I rolled my eyes and he laughed. I chuckled. 
The picture doesn't do it justice. This view was amazing. If he really is moving into 1505, he should always watch the sun set while taking a bath. 
And then we turned to the mirror......

Can you see us through the construction dust? Oh, sweet, goofy and innocent us........just before we realized WE WERE TRAPPED!

We go back out into the hallway and back down to 1507 so he can take some pictures to send to his mom and dad. He asked me to come onto the balcony to see if I like this view too. I hear some sort of saw above us and a mist falls over my body. 
AND THEN THE MIST STARTS TO BURN!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlie says, "why does that burn? THAT HURTS!"
I've decided I have acid all over me. But, even though I'm in pain and starting to freak out....I remain outwardly calm.
Then, we are back in the hall and I'm staring at the elevator. I'm letting the NO BUTTONS start to sink in.
So, we decide we can just take the stairs down. He has a light on his phone and I have a small flash light that gives off......a glow. It's horrible as a flashlight. My Glo Worm gave off more light. But, it got me down the stairs, until I hit a wall. 
They blocked the stairwell. We wander around the floor and decide we are on the second floor. Charlie yells out the window to try and get someone to tell the girl in the elevator to come and get us. 
They don't help. 
We find another stairwell. Also blocked.
We go back up to the third floor and find a man. He tells us to go to the fifth floor. The elevator door is open on the fifth floor. Charlie tells me to wait and he wanders away.
I don't read Chinese, obviously, but there is a sign in the elevator with times. It says 13:40-18:10. 
My phone says it is 6:30. I take deep breaths. I scratch at my still burning skin and go find Charlie. I ask him what the sign says-
"No service after 6:10."
"Well, it's we trapped?"
"I'm sorry."
I feel it coming. I feel it starting just under my breast bone. I haven't have many panic attacks, but they seem to start at my CPR button and work up until I can't breathe. 
Charlie starts scratching at his acid misted skin and says we should just wait until someone comes.....
Then I hear a voice. We go search for the voice and find a man multi-tasking with his dinner and cigarette. 
He has the key to the elevator. 
He sets us free.
We walked home and I showered off the burning.
I almost lost it. It seems I have an issue with being trapped. You know, like ya do. But, the view was nice.........

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