Monday, July 15, 2013


WARNING: Delusions to follow...............

Mr. Clooney is single again. *sigh* He probably won't be for long...
But, a girl can dream. And for those that know me well, you know I've been dreaming for a very long time.
My first Hollywood love was Corey Haim. Corey didn't last for very long because I discovered Christian Slater. Oy....Christian Slater!
Then, I had this odd Billy Idol/Andre Agassi phase (the Billy Idol phase didn't actually ever end.....).

But, then I was at a friend's house watching Rosanne..........and things started to change. By the time ER came along, I was done for. I couldn't handle it anymore.
And it keeps on evolving. It isn't just the looks, the acting (cause he isn't always good.....WORST BATMAN. EVER.), or all the other Hollywood junk. It was him as an activist and a person.

Now, here is the sad thing. EVERYTHING I know about him is media based. So, maybe my whole dream of him since I was 13/14 ish is all a lie. That would be crushing. :P

But, instead of dreading the dream dying a horrible death...........I'm going to continue dreaming. I'm going to continue living in my Clooney bubble.

Cause we all know the real reason he never re married is because he hasn't found me. *wink*

(It's nice here in my bubble. I have cookies.)

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