Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boredom = Danger!!!

Okay, Peeps...it is official. I am no longer sitting on the fence outside of Crazy Town. I'm at the Crazy IKEA getting all the stuff I need to furnish my Crazy Apartment.


The other day I got bored and looked at the scissors. "Hey," I thought. "It's been a while since you cut your own hair. Wait....NO! That's not a good idea. That NEVER turns out well for you and you always have to have a professional fix it. DON'T DO IT."
So, I started looking around the apartment for something else to do.

I read for a while. (NORMAL ACTIVITY)

I watched something on Hulu. (NORMAL ACTIVITY)

And then.........I picked up my tweezers and tried to see if it is possible to remove a freckle. (The answer is no.)

I tried to rip a freckle off of myself. (NOT NORMAL ACTIVITY)

So, this country and pushed me over the fence into Crazy Town. I'm now a resident. And I have to come home before I move into the Insane Villas over on the west side...............


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AlyshiaP said...

The fact that you know you are going crazy means you can't be 100% yet. In all fairness you did go over there a little crazy already. :) but that is why we love you and miss your face!