Saturday, April 20, 2013


You may or may not have noticed.....I tend to wear all black a lot.

It's okay. You can point it out if you want to. People do it all the time. I don't mind.

But, most of you have the reason all wrong. I don't do it because "black is slimming." I don't wear all black because I'm goth or depressed.
To be honest, I do get sad sometimes. In fact, I cry quite a bit in China. I mean, if you want to get super real and honest. REAL TALK! (Don't leave! I think that is the only time this will be awkward.)

But, I don't dress to match my mood.
And I actually don't know if I'm goth. Honestly, I never really paid much attention to what that meant. So, I may be goth. I don't know. But, that isn't why I wear all black.

So, now I shall tell you why...............and we can move on to more interesting conversations.

Do you know how much I love Theatre? Do you know how much of my life was spent involved in Theatre? Do you know where I'm going with this?

I did a lot of Theatre Tech in my life. (I long to do it again.....Theatre in general.....) I tried to act just as much. But, there was something about being backstage that was equally as powerful to me (most of the time). I love being part of a production.
And to be a techie.........all black clothing.
So, it started long, LONG ago. Wearing all black all day because I wanted to be ready for the show.
Here's why:
I hate changing my clothes.

That simple.

I'm not one of those girls that can wear a few different outfits a day. Because I loathe changing. Once I'm in clothes......the next clothes I want to be in are pajamas.
So, wearing blacks all day became a habit. It's just an old Theatre habit that I can't/don't want to shake.

That's all.

So, what is our more interesting conversation? Lay it on me.........

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