Monday, April 22, 2013

My Birthday

So........another year older. That happened. I don't feel older. Should I?


This was my second birthday in China. The first birthday in China was quite a party. I had moved to Kunming around February 1st. I started hanging out with a group of teachers......and I thought we were pretty tight. Things were going okay. So, for my birthday, I invited my group of "friends" to celebrate with me. We went to a Western restaurant for dinner and then went to a KTV for hour and hours of karaoke. It was fun.
Side Note: In China, you pay for your own birthday. If you want to have a invite all your friends and you foot the bill for the whole thing. This was new to me!
So. Last year was fun. Last year got a little expensive. HAHAHAHA.

In December of last year.......that group of friends was no more. No explanation. They just stopped talking to Jessica and I. One day we were all hanging out.....and then it was gone. Now they only talk to me if they have a question. No explanation. It is weird and it drives me crazy. I want communication! WHAT HAPPENED!?!

But, whatever. So. This year my birthday was small. Me. Jessica. I got a text from two other teachers, but..............
This year was was so much better than last year.
The day before my birthday, I mentioned to Jessica how different this year was going to be. I made a comment about all my friends disappearing. She said something like, "last year you had only been in China a few months before your birthday. How could you have known in that short time who was real and who was fake? This isn't your fault. They were fake and they were not true. This year we both know better."
She was right. And I loved the way she said it. So, I decided to put away my sad feeling about the "friends" I lost..........even though I still want to know why.

The birthday came. I woke up and had some bread and bananas for breakfast. Then I did some laundry. BECAUSE IT WAS LAUNDRY DAY! I doesn't matter what other day it happens to be.........laundry must be done.
Jessica and I had decided not to have lunch. Because we knew that face stuffing would be happening.
We met downstairs at 2pm and took the bus to the mall area of downtown. We did a bit of birthday shopping. Jessica bought THE CUTEST summer dress. I don't usually like summer dresses, but this was.......I told her I would be mad at her if she didn't buy it.
Then we went to pick up my tiny Tiramisu cake. It was so cute! It was my present from Jessica! THANK YOU, JESSICA!!!!!!
Then we went to Pizza Hut.
That may sound weird to you, but you have to understand two things:
1. China does not make good cheese. You have to go to foreign restaurants to get good cheese. And pizza is covered in cheese, so it seemed like an obvious choice for me.
2. I really like Pizza Hut in China. It is a nicer place than the Pizza Huts I remember in America. And the menu is HUGE!
We were there for quite a while. We did a lot of talking after all the eating was done. We had: Chicken Kabobs, Chicken Wings, soup, Peach Tea (for me), Milk Tea (for Jessica), and pizza. The pizza had cherry tomatoes, corn, onions, ham, and bacon wrapped shrimp. The shrimp didn't have legs or heads. It was perfect!
And there were two kinds of cheese upon was perfect.
We then went home to rest. I watched an episode of The Voice UK (TOM JONES) online and then went down to Jessica's apartment for the cake.
Then, we watched "My Best Friend's Wedding."
Random. I know. But, at dinner, Jessica had been telling me about a Chinese movie she saw in the Theatre last week. I said, "so much of what you just said sounds like it was stolen from an American movie." I told her a bit about the movie and she said she wanted to watch we did. She hated the ending.

So. That was my birthday. It was just what I needed. YAY! GO ME! 

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