Sunday, February 24, 2013

Journey. Part V...

Written on Feb. 22nd.

The Holiday Comes to a Close

So, from Feb. 14th until the 18th, the trip was…….ummmmm……..well, I played games on my iPad at the grandma’s house. We ate food, played some card games, and……well, that’s about it.
BY THE WAY! I’ve totally forgot to mention that the women in Jessica’s family can cook like champions. All of the food was so good. (All of the food that I was willing to eat.) Man, they CAN COOK! I will the miss the food from that city. The spices are different and the way they prepare things….magic.
But, alas, I had to leave that wonderous food on the 18th. Jessica, me, two aunts (and their husbands), three cousins, and one husband of a cousin….we went to Fenghuang (the river town). We paid for a private bus to take the 10 of us to the river town.
Now, Jessica and I had all of our bags and our stuff because we would be returning to Huaihua the next day to get on the train back to Kunming. So, we had a lot of stuff. But, the rest of the family just had small things for the one night we would be there.
Oh. It was raining. By the time we wandered around and found a hotel…..I was splattered in mud. Despite the rain, it was obvious that the place was beautiful. The pictures we got, I just don’t think they will do the place justice. The rain made for weird lighting in the pics, but, just take my word for it. This was the most beautiful city I’ve seen since I got to this planet. I mean country. Nope. Planet.
Anyway. We wandered around all day for, well, so they could take a million pictures. While they were doing that, I was staring at things and marveling at how beautifully built the buildings were. There is something about the ancient architecture of this country/planet. Maybe it will be the only thing I will miss about living here, I don’t know. But, there is just something about it…….
So, I stared at things. A family member would shout at me if I got too far away from the group. We had dinner and returned to the hotel.
But, later that night, Jessica and two cousins went out to take more pictures. I went with them to see the city at night.
The rain got really heavy just before midnight. So, that ended picture time and we ran back to the hotel.
The next morning, the bar was locked and closed. So, Jessica’s family decided we should just jump out the window. Of course!
After lunch, we went back and the hotel lady was there. So, we checked out and went to the bus station. Jessica’s family came on the bus with us to Huaihua. Then they went with us to the train station to put mine and Jessica’s stuff in a holding place. Then, they went back to the bus station to go home.
Jessica called some of her friends and told them she was in town. So, we went to dinner with her friends then went to wait for the train.
The train was delayed until 10:20pm. Another looooooooong train ride later and we were back in Kunming on the 20th.
Another of her friends met us at the Kunming train station and helped her home. Then, she and that friend left again that evening to go continue her holiday until the 26th.

Her family was very welcoming and lovely to me. I couldn’t talk to them beyond a few words here and there, but they were lovely. I wish I spoke enough Chinese to thank them properly for feeding me and putting up with me for two-ish weeks.

And now I’m back in Kunming. I also seem to have some sort of cold. It doesn’t seem to be too bad….and I’m not surprised! It rained so much in the river town and I didn’t have an umbrella. I was wearing a hoodie, which is not the same thing as an umbrella (as you know). So, the sniffles are not a surprise.

Feeling a bit displaced and detached is a surprise though. But, for now, I’m going to chalk it up to my own homesickness and Jedi Mind Trick my way out of these annoying feelings.

And that, my friends, is the end of this transmission. PEACE OUT!

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