Sunday, February 24, 2013

Journey. Part IV...

Written on Feb. 22nd…….

Jessica took me with most of her family on a journey up another mountain. Well, sort of……
First, we took a bus to who knows where. Then, we took a boat (I use the term with some serious tongue in cheek, but it stayed above the water line…..) across a lake then climbed half way up a mountain to a bridge.
At this point in time, I would appreciate it if you would imagine me screaming uncontrollably in my head.
I am not afraid of heights. I repeat. I AM NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS. But, ever since my head injury…..I am TERRIFIED of falling off of things that move.
So, I walked out onto the bridge first and it started to move. I mean, the whole bridge….and individual slats of wood that were not attached well to the bridge. I looked across the bridge and down into the lake. Then, out loud, I said, “this is a bad Indiana Jones movie waiting to happen.”
I started making my way across the bridge as quickly as I dared. But, Jessica and her family members stopped to take a million pictures.
*Side Note: Most of the trip was Jessica and her family members taking a million pictures. Not only that, most of these pictures were the same background with different poses or facial expressions to choose from.
Anyway, Jessica yelled for me to slow down. I turned and said, “I don’t want to slow down. I want to get off of the bridge.”
Later she asked me why. I told her I was afraid of falling off of moving objects. So, on the way back over the bridge……she walked up behind me and started jumping. I stopped, called her a jerk and waited for her to pass while laughing at me.
Anyway. It turns out, we crossed the bridge just to walk for a while and look at the mountain and the lake.
Then, instead of taking the boat thing, they decide that they want to walk back around to the bus stop. They tell me it is about an hour walk. What they did not tell me……..was that we wouldn’t be walking on a road. We would be walking on a tiny trail around the mountain.
Now. Imagine a tiny trail on a mountain the day after a rainstorm. Then imagine that the only shoes you brought were boots. Like, winter boots….not good boots with traction or anything.
So, you should not be surprised that I slipped many times and hurt my ankle really bad on the way back.
But, maybe you should be surprised (as I was) that while I was limping, crying, and all that pain jazz….Jessica never once asked me what happened. Her family asked her in Chinese. She gave some sort of answer, but I have no idea what it was.
I decided to go back to the hotel and not join them for dinner. I didn’t want to walk too much on my ankle. Also, at this point, I just felt…….
I almost forgot again! I’m not going to talk about it. This is just to tell you about the basics.

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