Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm sorry, WHAT?

Written Feb. 15th

Jimmy Hoffa’s Birthday

You guys know I don’t like February 14th, right? I celebrate Jimmy Hoffa’s birthday, because, I mean….COME ON! Isn’t that just as pointless as a day set aside to prove your love with chocolate and pink things?
Chocolate is pretty close to love, now that I think about it, but you can have chocolate and love every day.
Sorry. I can’t help it. I know I have fit about that day every year, but there was no here to listen to my fit. So, you got a small piece of it.
BUT, that actually has nothing to do with what happened in Hongjiang that day. No one mentioned the pointless holiday until very late in the day (much to my relief).
Despite all that, yesterday was the best day of this trip. I would say so far, but I'm pretty sure it will stay the best.
There is an area of this city that has been around since the Qing Dynasty. GOOGLE IT! So, I was in history heaven all day!
Some people still live in the buildings that have been in the family FOREVER...even though the government is trying to get them all to move to protect the historical sites they live in. We went inside some of the businesses there just to see how the structure is holding was amazing.
Then, I see an arrow sign directing the public to a whorehouse. I turned to Jessica and asked if the sign was a correct translation of the Chinese above it....cause they don't always translate correctly here. She said yes.
Me: Is that a historical sign or a modern sign?
Her: Both.
Me: (laughing) Interesting.
Her: Why is that interesting?
Me: We don't.........America isn't so obvious about it. It's illegal and.......not as widely accepted? I guess. I just think the sign is funny.
Her: Come on.
(And she walked our group to the building. Her family group was taking pics and making jokes while I stared at the whorehouse STREET in disbelief.)
Me: This whole street?
Her: Yes. Very popular. This one is the main building.
(I looked at the building and noticed a sign....)
Me: 1860? This place has been open since 1860?
Her: Yes. This street has been here since the Qing Dynasty....but this building open for working.....
Me: Got it. Prostitution is oldest profession and blah, blah, blah.......
(She translated this into Chinese and her family laughed........more jokes in Chinese that were never translated.......)
Her: Only the most beautiful girls live in this main building.
Me: Wait. They live here?
Her: Yes. They can't leave. Poor families sell their daughters to this street.
Me: I see. This isn't funny anymore.
Her: Oh.

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