Friday, February 22, 2013

Email to Family.....

Written on Feb. 2nd.

Family Peoples!

Tomorrow (Feb. 3rd) I'm going to Jessica's hometown for the Chinese
New Year (Spring Festival) celebration. I'll be gone for 16 days. I'm
super excited for everything except the train ride to her home. 16
HOURS ON THE TRAIN! Squat toilets on a moving train! I'm freaked out
about that. But, I can't wait to arrive and see where she is from.
Our train will leave from Kunming at 11pm. Then, on Monday, we will
arrive in Hunan Province, Huaihua. That city is pronounced Why-Waw.
In Huaihua, some of Jessica's highschool friends will pick us up and
take us to Zhijiang. We will stay in that town for one or two nights.
Then we will go to Jessica's hometown: Huaihua, Hongjiang. She is just
south of a place called Hubei. (Pronounced Who-Bay). I don't know how
to pronounce the name of her town.
We will stay in her town until the 18th. Then we will go to a river
town called Fenghuang. Jessica says it is very beautiful and she goes
at least once or twice a year. But, it is very expensive during the
summer. She says that maybe it won't be as beautiful in the winter,
but we will be able to afford the hotels. :D
On the 19th we will return to the train town, Why-Waw, and get on
another 16 hour train ride back to Kunming. So, I will be "home" on
the 20th.
Anyway, I will take pictures, OF COURSE, but.....I thought I would let
you case you were playing Where in the World is Leah San

Also, Jessica wanted me to show you the Chinese character names for
these places. I don't know if you can see it....sometimes the Chinese
doesn't send in my emails. But, I will try.

Huaihua: 湖南省 怀化市
Zhijiang:  芷江侗族自治县
Hongjiang: 湖南省 洪江区
Fenghuang: 湖南省凤凰


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