Sunday, February 24, 2013


I had the MOST interesting conversation yesterday. It ended with the other party telling me what I'm about to repeat to you.
Now, I apologize for the grammar issues. But, I wanted you to read it just as I heard it. So, I ran to find something to write with and wrote it down when we were done talking.
I wish you could hear him tell it.....even though his English is not very good, he told me this with such confidence and conviction.......I don't know how to describe it. There was a tone in his voice that made every word seem so important.

America. China. Very different. Not same. When you in war, you can (puts his hands up to surrender) and you go home. In China, if we do (puts hands up again) we come home and go to the jail. In China, you win or you die. If you (puts hands up), they ask you, why you no go to die?
This is something in our bones and our blood from ancient times. You win or you die. You do not go home if you no win.
Also, in war times, if the army gets hungry and there no food. The army will eat women and the babies. Because it is only win is important.
That is what we know in China. Japan is same, but Japan is more blood. Japan army carry two knife. A long one and short one....if you fail to kill with long kill self with short one. Japan is more blood than China.
But, all of Asia is more blood than America. You are very different.

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