Monday, November 19, 2012


So, the other day, Chris and I went for a walk outside the school. He needed to buy some face wash...and then we were going to grab something small for dinner.
Chris decides that he wants to eat something gross from inside a small convenience store.
Side Note: If you think gas station hot dogs are should see the "meat" items they sell at Chinese convenience stores.
Anyway, I waited for him outside because I didn't want to look at the "meat" and "vegetables" that have (basically) been soaking in soy sauce all day.
Well, just inside the store is one of those long/short freezers filled with various ice cream products. There is this woman waiting in line to pay, and her toddler wanders away from her to get up on his tippy-toes and look longingly into the freezer.
I watch him and realize that I've seen this before...many times. And then, I realize that toddlers and little kids are THE CUTEST when they get all excited about ice cream or candy. I mean, watching this little guy try SO HARD to get further up on his little toes....just so he could see all the treats.....SO CUTE!
So, I had a moment. I'm not sure what kind of moment it was, exactly. Maybe just a moment where I deeply appreciated the cuteness of innocence/childhood/tiny peeps.

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