Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And the Winner for Best Chat Wrap-Up...

I got to chat with Tiffani for a bit the other night. Twas splendid. And, I must tell you, this was also my favorite chat ending....maybe ever. Probably far. I mean, pop culture references and pirate speak? If I had been eating cheese...this might have been my heaven....(if George Clooney had been feeding me the cheese)

me: I won't. But, you should also know that Wendy could never live here because of the gigantic population of cockroaches.
 Tiffani: AHHHHH
 me: :)
 Tiffani: sob
 me: I'm so sorry. But, think of it this way, I came and plundered these here waters so that ye wouldn't have te.
1:36 AM Tiffani: Bless ye, Bless ye
 me: I hear tell a land sayin.......knowin' is half the battle.
  Now we know!
 Tiffani: that we do
1:37 AM me: I just quoted GI Joe. So, how did the Reading Rainbow song just get stuck in my head?
 Tiffani: HAHAHA The More You Know!
  there's another one for ya
  so much learnin
1:38 AM me: Awesome.
  I'm going to go Care Bear Stare at my toothbrush.
  Maybe that can be my new teeth whitening proceedure.
1:39 AM Tiffani: Haha indeed! Good night Worthy Nemesis
 me: *procedure
 Tiffani: the first one sounded more piratey
 me: Good night! May the seas be fair and yer rum be never ending....
1:40 AM Tiffani: Aye. Same te ye.

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