Sunday, October 28, 2012

Update: The Five, my list of Five Dudes..................

I found out that Paul Blackthorne is dating Daryl Hannah. I'm not sure why, but that totally killed the mood for me. I don't have anything against Daryl Hannah, but she is....I don't know. It killed the mood.
So, my number 5 is now Josh Gates. I mean, he has been on the list for a while.....but.......
Honestly, Josh Gates is on the list because I want to hang out with him and have movie trivia contests. Or, we could come up with a way to have a sarcastic contest......

Monday, October 15, 2012


NOTE: I tried to include pictures, but Blogger won't let me. :(

So, they finally talked me into going to Pizza Hut.
This city has KFC, Pizza Hut, TCBY, Starbucks, and McDonald's. I've only been to Starbucks and KFC. I saw a TCBY last month...and that one I will give a try, you know, to see how close it is to home. But, McDonald's....I don't care. I don't like eating there in America, and it was GROSS in, I'm taking a wild guess and thinking I won't like it here either.
The point is, I wasn't very excited to try Pizza Hut. I mean, Pizza Hut is okay in America, but China isn't very good with I was worried.
But, they talked me into it.
I started laughing when we walked inside. I told them that Pizza Hut in China is a much nicer place than a Pizza Hut in America.
Okay, I'll be honest...I don't really remember the last time I went inside a Pizza Hut. So, I don't really remember the menu. But, this menu really surprised me. I wasn't expecting there to be so many options!
And, then, surprise upon surprise upon more surprise.......THE PIZZA WAS REALLY GOOD! The salad was good, I tried a chicken wing and some pepper steak. We all shared a few different plates of things.........AND IT WAS GOOD!
I really like good surprises. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The other day: Haircut Day!

Charlie went with me, to help me communicate with the hair dude. I brought two pictures to give him examples of what I wanted (to go with the translation). One picture was an example of what I REALLY wanted (but the girl in the picture has straight hair, so...I knew it wasn't very likely) and the second picture was a curly hair example. I mean, the curly hair option was as close to the REALLY wanted option as I could find.....
So, Charlie and hair dude talked for a while. I thought that Charlie was talking to him about the pictures and about my know, like ya do....
The whole time the hair dude was playing with my hair. I noticed that he had a really nice smile, and I tried not to be creepy about how closely I was studying this nice smile. Luckily, no one was paying any attention to me at this, I think I got away creepy-free.
Then, Charlie turns to me and tells me that the guy can't cut my hair the way I REALLY wanted it. I knew this was coming....I get this all the time, "this haircut won't work with the curl in your hair." But, this was not the reason I got......this is the gist of hair dude's reason:
I am not trained to cut hair this soft. Her foreign hair is too soft to cut like this. I can't cut it. Too soft. I will try to cut it this way......(and then he gestured toward my curly hair option)
So....did I get either option? Not really. But, it is much better than it was. So, now I just need to figure out how to style it in my "foreign" way. :D
On a side note: I've also heard that my hair is too fine or thin to cut in a certain way. This is the first time I've ever heard too soft.....I kind of like it though. Hearing that my hair is too soft makes me want to whip it around Pantene Style......

And the Winner for Best Chat Wrap-Up...

I got to chat with Tiffani for a bit the other night. Twas splendid. And, I must tell you, this was also my favorite chat ending....maybe ever. Probably far. I mean, pop culture references and pirate speak? If I had been eating cheese...this might have been my heaven....(if George Clooney had been feeding me the cheese)

me: I won't. But, you should also know that Wendy could never live here because of the gigantic population of cockroaches.
 Tiffani: AHHHHH
 me: :)
 Tiffani: sob
 me: I'm so sorry. But, think of it this way, I came and plundered these here waters so that ye wouldn't have te.
1:36 AM Tiffani: Bless ye, Bless ye
 me: I hear tell a land sayin.......knowin' is half the battle.
  Now we know!
 Tiffani: that we do
1:37 AM me: I just quoted GI Joe. So, how did the Reading Rainbow song just get stuck in my head?
 Tiffani: HAHAHA The More You Know!
  there's another one for ya
  so much learnin
1:38 AM me: Awesome.
  I'm going to go Care Bear Stare at my toothbrush.
  Maybe that can be my new teeth whitening proceedure.
1:39 AM Tiffani: Haha indeed! Good night Worthy Nemesis
 me: *procedure
 Tiffani: the first one sounded more piratey
 me: Good night! May the seas be fair and yer rum be never ending....
1:40 AM Tiffani: Aye. Same te ye.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 am

So, last night I was up until the wee hours of the morning.

I'll give you just a moment to think about all of the amazing things I could have been doing......

I don't know what you thought, but every single one of you was wrong.

I was wandering around my apartment hunting a mosquito. I'm sorry, let me rephrase that...I was wandering around my apartment trying to kill the state of Iowa that was dressed as a mosquito.
You guys, this thing was so big, it made a buzzing sound like a bee. It was ginormousbyhuge...and it WOULD NOT DIE!
First, I heard it....I was reading, so I wasn't really paying attention. But, I kept wondering what that sound was.....
And then it landed on my arm. I jumped. I swatted it. It flew away lazily with a dented leg.....
Then, I followed it to my closet and hit it with a shoe. It flew away lazily with a missing leg.....I know this because the leg was LONG ENOUGH for me to notice it still sticking to my shoe.
The buzzing stopped for a bit. I actually thought it had gone somewhere to die. I was relieved. I got ready for bed around 1....I did a final sweep and turned out the light.
I wasn't in bed long when the buzzing started just over my ear. I shouted something like, "how are you NOT DEAD?" Then, I got out of bed and turned the light back on. I was on a mission. I was determined!
It was on the ceiling. So, I grabbed another shoe and threw it at the ceiling. I don't know if I hit Iowa, but I did leave a perfect shoe's actually almost too perfect to clean off (so, I haven't yet)....
Gigantor the Blood Sucker wandered over to the ugly drapes. I went and found my bug spray. I sprayed him/her/it/Iowa. Nothing. I sprayed again. Twitching ensued...and then flying lazily away. I shouted again, "I can't sleep thinking you are going to eat me! How are you not dead?"
Side Note: At this point it is just after 1:30 and my neighbor decides at this point to start blasting Adele.
I wandered around and listened. I looked. I put my glasses back on and looked some more....I thought about my level of craziness. I decided that it would be okay to laugh about my level of craziness tomorrow....but, for now....I was Arnold and the mosquito was Predator. AND I WAS NOT LAUGHING!
There was no buzzing. I couldn't find Iowa. So, finally, at about 2 am...I decided that I was too tired to care anymore. Gigantor the Blood Sucker was either dead, or he/she/it/State Fair of Death would be eating my face.

So, I woke up this morning! I still have a face! And the thing....THE THING.....seems to be dead.

Side Note 2: I'm still not laughing about my craziness. I'm blaming China for my craziness.

Side Note 3: When I return to America I will need help coming up with more excuses for my craziness. (Global Warming?)