Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Five


Remember that episode of friends where they pick their five famous people? (I've probably blogged about it before.....) And then Ross meets one of the people that got kicked off his list?
Anyway, I've had a list of five since that episode came out. George Clooney has always been number one. Duh. But, I have had a few people get kicked off the list when they get married.....cause that's how I roll.
So, in the past year or two, some men have left the list. I had a really hard time getting five put together again! Cause, you know, I'm stuck in my ways or something....I'm actually not sure.
BUT! Today! I finally found a number 5...which list is back! IT'S ALIVE!

The Five:
1. George Clooney. DUH.
2. Chris Pine. Have you seen his eyes? Ignore the eyebrows. His EYES!
3. Michael Fassbender.
4. Batman. Yes. The actual comic book hero. Just go with it....
5. Paul Blackthorne. He is new. New on the in my awareness....

So, we say goodbye to Jeremy Northam (YOU WILL BE MISSED!), Robbie Williams, and Seth Rogen.
I would also like to thank the show, "Friends"....for STILL entertaining me and filling my life with random joy/stupidity.


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