Monday, August 20, 2012


I also wrote this on March 29th.......

On Monday, most of the teachers went on a hiking trip to Western
Mountain. I say trip...but, the mountain isn't really that far away.
Oh, and it was paved the whole, it wasn't really
hiking like I'm used to.....when they said hiking, I thought of Rock
Canyon. :) And that isn't really what I got. BUT, it was gorgeous. I
loved getting out of the city and into the trees. The sounds of the
city melted away and all I could hear was nature. (And the rest of the
teachers speaking to each other in Chinese)
I loved the mountain. We "hiked" for a bit over two hours to a
village. The village name translates into something about Cat
Cat......I don't really understand. I didn't see any cats. But,
We had lunch there. You may have read about that on Facebook. You
know, on the FanPage that Tiffani started for me...................we
ate rooster and hen. And the ENTIRE animal was on the platter. I could
see the beak, the feet, all the organs...and all the meat was still on
the bone.
I had two bites before I noticed the animal was practically staring
back at me.....and then I decided just to eat rice and vegetables.
But, I did try an egg and flower omelet. That wasn't bad. But, flowers
taste kind of weird.
It was a fun day. I hope we do more stuff like that. :) I can't wait
to share it with you!!!!!

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