Sunday, June 3, 2012

March 29th...

Today is March 29th. (The day I wrote this.....)

We had a teacher meeting today. We have one every Thursday to talk
about teaching problems, ideas and general stuff.......
Today we watched "The Ron Clark Story." It messed me up. I knew about
the story...I had read about Ron Clark, but this was the first time I
had ever watched the movie.
I cried through most of it, but luckily....I didn't make a gross mess
of myself. I cried lightly and quietly in the back of the classroom.
I loved the movie. I long to be that kind of a teacher.
After the movie we all went around and talked about what the movie
made us feel. I said: I want to be that kind of a teacher. Sadly, a
lot of education is like that in America. A lot of kids go to school
because they have to, not because they have any love for learning.
This movie made me emotional and I don't really want to say anything
else because I don't want to cry.
But, here is what I wanted to say...........
That movie is a good example of why I came to China to teach.
Education is not as important as it used to be or as it should be in
America. So many kids and parents have lost the love for education!
And that makes me sad. Because, to is number one.
So, I came to China because it is so important here. But, the love for
education is still lacking. Education is almost a sport
here.........but not a passion.
I want to be the kind of teacher that makes it a passion. I want to be
the kind of teacher that breathes the fire into kids..........that
makes them believe and makes them constantly want more!!!

Man, that movie messed me up! But, mostly in a good way.

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