Sunday, June 3, 2012

Email I Sent....

On 2/13/12...........

Hello to my family peeps and other peeps.....

I've been in China for a month! Can you believe it? I can't.
Seriously, this has to be the strangest thing I have ever done.
Here are some of the things that have been happening lately.....

The Chinese government did not like my American health check. It was
translated to me as: We don't want to take for granted what American
doctor say.
So, today I had to go to the hospital in China to get another health
check. The school here paid for it, but it cost 336RMB to get a
sonogram, an xray, four blood tests, urine test, ekg, ear, nose, eye
and so forth......
I don't know the exact amount....but, I do know that it cost less than
$100 to get all that done!!!!!! WOW!
On a side note, this high altitude makes my blood drip SO SLOW! The
nurse had to take blood from my hand and she kept having to move the
needle around to get the blood flowing again. It hurt. It was not
awesome. (I don't know if it is really the altitude, but that was
Andrew's guess)
The other teachers here are, pretty much no one
understands me. I miss the English language something awful.
I sat in on another class the other day....the teacher was teaching
them some vocabulary. He said, "this is a re-sip." The word was
recipe. He kept calling it a re-sip. So, during the break he asked me
what I thought...I said, "it seems to be going really well. Good
class. Oh, by the way, it is re-sip-ee."
He said, "are you sure? Or is that just how they say it in America?"
"No. I'm pretty sure that is how you say it just about everywhere."
"I will have to check. That might just be in America."
"Ummmmm...I don't think so. But, okay. Thank you for inviting me to your class."
About an hour later he came and found me in my office. He apologized
for not believing me because he looked it up on the Internet and I was
So. Yeah.
There is one little girl that comes to my reading time. Her name is
Emily. She is so cute. She speaks pretty good English for how young
she is.....I think she is 6.
She is my biggest fan. If I say I like is suddenly her
favorite thing too. She brought me chocolates yesterday. Cause we were
reading a story that had chocolate in it and I asked the kids if they
liked chocolate....they said yes and I said I did too. The next thing
I know....Emily brings me chocolate. :)
I have a picture of myself and Tiffani Mills on my desk. :) Emily came
in and saw it yesterday. She said, "Who is that?"
"My friend, Tiffani."
"How come she has the blue eyes and you has the green eyes?"
"Because sometimes people have different colored eyes."
"Okay. But, how come for-ing-ders has the blue eyes and green eyes and
Chinese peoples has the brown and the black eyes?"
"I don't know how to explain that."
"Well, because I'm not really sure. But, I don't know how to explain
what I do know so that you can understand me."
"Okay. I know. It okay."
Ugh. She is so cute. She also saw a picture of Sidney and asked me who
she was. I told her that is my niece, Sidney. "What is a niece." "She
is my sister's daughter." "What? Why?"
I thought about it later......because of the one child rule....these
kids don't really have cousins and aunts and uncles. The rich people
can have more kids cause you really just have to pay more taxes, but
still......maybe I can come up with a lesson about family members to
go with one of my subjects. :)
Oh. Everyone here wears skinny jeans and leggings as pants. So, I'm
kind of in hell. LOL. But, you know what is really strange? Seeing
grandmas in skinny jeans and UGGS. That is so weird!!!!!!!! Not all
the little old ladies wear skinny pants. But, a whole lot of them do!
I really need to start taking my camera around with me. I haven't been
taking nearly enough pictures.

Love and miss you all!!!!!!

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