Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Life?

This was written on 2/11/12..... I've been in China for a month. You still don't get to know
that yet. I'm trying to fix that!!! I want so much to share this with
you guys. I want to be able to look at the Internet like I'm used
to..................BUT! They moved me in with a host family. They
didn't give me my own place. So, the family already had the Internet.
I couldn't get the foreigner Internet. So, I have to come up with a
new plan.
I'm working on it.
I've been teaching for about two weeks now. But, this next week will
be the first time I meet all my classes. They aren't really my classes
though. I've been teaching a class on Tues/Sat that is a bunch of 8-11
year olds. Their teacher just had a baby. So, they have me until she
comes back in May.
My schedule looks something like this.........but, again, this next
week will be the first time I've done all of it-
Monday- Teach two hours of one teacher's class.
Tuesday- Read for an hour in the library (which I have been doing. And
it has been fun....for the most part). Then I teach two hours of the
class I have been teaching.
Wednesday- Off
Thursday- Read for an hour in the library.
Friday- Read for an hour in the library and then teach two hours of
another teacher's class. That is three different classes so
far........that is a lot of names to learn. LOL.
Saturday- Read for an hour in the morning. Do stuff in my office.
(They gave me an office with a pretty great view. Except today. It is
pretty windy and the dust has made the sky so thick and dirty
looking....I can't see the mountains as well. Then I teach two hours
of yet another class! Then lunch. Then a FOUR HOUR CLASS of the kids I
see on Tuesday. Yeah. Four hours of trying to get them to understand
Sunday- Hour of library. 2 hour class (more names to learn). Afternoon
hour in the library.
WHEW! The past two weeks has been the library hours on the Tues/Sat class.
This is hard. It doesn't feel like real life or a new life. But, it
has only been a month. I should try to be more patient. But, I
honestly thought these kids would know a bit more English. And some of
them do!
But, to give you an lesson on Saturday was about
summaries. The book instructed me to teach them to summarize stories
like the one we had just read....and to create some other examples for
them to summarize.
Right. Cool. I mean, you would expect them to be able to communicate
some.....wouldn't you???
Most of them can't tell me what they had for breakfast.
So, this is harder than I thought. That's all.
The family they put me with is super nice! But, the mom and son don't
speak much English. And the nanny can only say 'hi' and 'bye-bye.'
There is only one other native English speaker teaching here. The rest
of the teachers are Chinese. So, I don't hear the English language
much anymore. :) But, I've learned a few more words in Chinese.
So....that is pretty cool!
I hope you all are well. I miss your faces. And your voices. :D

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