Thursday, May 31, 2012

Leaving America

This was written on 1/18/12...

I got to LA on Monday night. It was the 9th of January. Lorrisa picked me up at the airport...we didn't get very far before we had to turn around and go back to the airport and pick up another friend. :)
Then Lorissa took me over to IO West. I got to watch Tilt play! It was a great night.
On Tuesday, Tiffani took me over the Chinese Consulate to turn in my paper work for my visa. TALK ABOUT CUTTING IT CLOSE! Man, that whole visa thing was freaking me out. But, when we actually got to the consulate, it was a pretty simple process. They took my passport and my papers and asked me when I was coming back. I said tomorrow....she filled out a form and told me to bring it back tomorrow and pay.
THEN............WE WENT TO DISNEYLAND! Greg met us there. Magic. Magic. Magic. Magic. What a great way to say goodbye to America. My favorite place....some of my favorite people!
We had such a good day! The World of Color show is AMAZING! You guys......please go, if you haven't. AMAZING.
Then, on Wednesday, Joey came to get me. He took me back to the consulate to get my visa. SEE?!?! Some of my favorite people live in California. :) It was so good to see Joey. We had a great Greek lunch. Then we just hung out. Just talked. Laughed. Good times.
That night I HAD MY LAST BURRITO. Oh, sad day. LOL. I shall miss the burrito something fierce. Tiffani, Lorissa and I went to eat. It was lovely. I'm very grateful for my fantastic friends. You guys are all amazing. I hope you know that.....

K. So, Thursday came. It was time to go. *sigh* Tiffani took me to the airport on Thursday morning. I'll make this part short. It was a 14 hour flight. That is a looooooooong time. :) But, the funny part was.......I knew someone on the flight! Rob, a guy I went to church with for a while in Texas (Chase Oaks), was on the flight! He was going to Shanghai to visit his girlfriend. That was a nice surprise.
I arrived in Shanghai on Friday at about 8pm. Not a nice surprise= No one was there to get me. After about an hour.....I started to panic. I turned on my Blackberry, PRAYING, that it would still work. (I had called in California and shut off my service). They hadn't shut it off, my email still worked. I had an email from Shirley asking what time I arrived on Sunday. I don't know why, but she didn't think I was getting in until Sunday. I responded and told her I had been at the airport for about an hour. LUCKILY, she was sitting next to her computer. She and I emailed back and forth until we made a plan. She reserved me a hotel room in Shanghai. I took a cab there. My first night in China was not awesome. It was a pretty creepy hotel.
A girl named Vanessa came to get me the next day. We took the train to Zhenjiang.
Then...another not so nice surprise: I was told I was staying in Zhenjiang until the end of the month. I will arrive in my "home" city on the 30th. (You guys probably won't read this until after the 30th.....cause blogger doesn't work over here. I have to get a special kind of Internet)
So, I'm staying in an apartment with a teacher from England and a teacher from Scotland. Nick and Terri. They are awesome. This apartment is not. LOL. Everything is broken. But, technically, they said they would provide doesn't say how great the housing is......*sigh*
I keep reminding myself that I signed up for this on purpose. LOL.
So, I'm here.

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