Thursday, May 31, 2012

FOOD! Food! food!

This was written on 1/18/12...

The first thing they fed me in China: McDonald's. The second thing they fed me in China: Rice and chicken. The third thing they fed me in China: McDonald's. So.........EW. I've now had McDonald's in the US, Paris, Shanghai, and Zhenjiang........and I've decided that it is GROSS ALL OVER THE WORLD. :)
They fed us so much on the plane and then McDonald's twice on day two....I was still full on day three and had a piece of bread. Literally. I couldn't even think about eating. I felt like I was going to explode.
So, on day four.....Nick took me to get something to eat. I had pork curry. It just about blew my mind. People told me that the food here would be different than I'm used to...........and they weren't kidding. It is lighter, flavor punches you in the face, and it all seems so simple. Fantastic and simple.
But, everything here is dirty. So, I do miss that about Chinese restaurants at home. They look like they get cleaned.......
Then, day five, Nick and I went to meet up with a teacher that was visiting from another city. We stopped for lunch at a hole in the wall type place. I had a plate of white rice covered in fried eggs and tomato chunks. SO GOOD. You guys, SO GOOD!
Zhenjiang is famous for black is pretty tasty. :) It goes great on rice and eggs.
That night........that night......something horrible happened. I ate my first weird thing. I don't really want to talk about it. I can't even type this without remembering how much I wanted to throw up. LOL.
I'll just give you the list of foods I ate. You can decide which one made me want to hurl.
Tofu Skin, Potatoes, Something that sort of looked like cucumber, Duck Blood, Boiled Bread, Ginger, and Seaweed.

Well, two of those things made my tummy angry...........but, only one of them made my tummy REALLY ANGRY. I'm sure you can guess I'm done talking about it.
Today (January 18th) I had a bowl of noodles from a side of the road type place. Like....they boil the noodles in a big thing on the side of the road. ADVENTURE!

I don't know when you guys will get to read this.....hopefully just after the first of February. By then...I will probably have more food to talk about. :)

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