Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear America...

Hi. I'm leaving. I'll be gone for a while...I'm not really sure how long. At least a year. But, don't worry! I have a to-do list for keep you busy while I'm gone.

1. Get rid of Jersey Shore. Seriously.
2. Bring back "Dead Like Me."
3. Make MTV play music videos again, or make them change the name. They are not Music Television anymore.
4. Get rid of the obsession with the Kardashians. Is that possible? Let's make that possible.
5. Make the speed limit 75-80.......IN EVERY STATE! COME ON! You know we are all driving that fast anyway. (Or we want to)
6. Lower the price of milk. PLEASE.
7. Ummmm......I should probably make some sort of political statement. So.....follow Yoda's advice. He said it best.
8. Is there a job that will pay me to read and watch TV all the time? Have that waiting for me. Oh. And graduate school. I would like to be paid to read, watch TV, go to movies and go to college all the time. So...make that happen and email me when it is ready.
9. I should probably say something else about you fixing the government. FIX IT!
10. Look, I have serious pop culture problems. And I'm a geek. So, work really hard on number 8. Thanks.

I guess that is all. I'll see you in a year or two.