Saturday, December 3, 2011

Horrible Wednesday

I was in my room on Wednesday. I was watching Glee online. I heard this HUGE crash outside...I jumped up off the bed and went to the window........nothing. Couldn't see anything, but I stood there for a minute wondering what could have caused such an awful noise.
My sister was downstairs sewing. She had the TV on pretty loud (so she could hear it over the sewing machine). She didn't hear the crash.......
But, 10-15 minutes later, someone started banging on the front door. They were hitting the doorbell over and over again and banging on the door. My sister answered to find an officer there. The officer told her that someone had hit the car out front....the man said he tried to knock on the door. My sister pointed to the sewing machine and said, "I've been sitting there for the past hour. No one has knocked on my door until you got here."
By this time I was coming down the stairs and I had started crying. My car was the only car out front. Someone had hit my car. My car.....THAT WASN'T DOING ANYTHING. Just parked out in front of the house......
My sister told me it was going to be okay. But, then she walked outside and walked DOWN THE STREET to pick up my side view mirror.
I couldn't help it. I just started crying. Hard.
The dude that hit me (he just moved in a few houses down) drove his car back up the street at that talk to the officer. 
The officer started talking to him and asked me to go get my DL. I did. And then I asked if I could get my camera to take pictures. The officer told me I was allowed to do whatever I want. 
So, I turned and yelled at the man. "I didn't hear any brakes. You didn't even try to stop. All I heard was the crash. You didn't even try to stop."
And then I went to get my camera and started taking pictures. I must have stepped on glass.....because I noticed at some point that my foot was bleeding all over the street.
The officer handed the man three tickets. He handed me back my DL. He said to the man, "here is a ticket for speeding, this one is for driving on the wrong side of the road, and this one is for improperly reporting an accident." (I don't remember what the last ticket was for had something to do with driving away from the scene and not reporting properly. But, at this point I had noticed all the blood coming from my foot and I was distracted.)
The man was holding the tickets away from his body. Then the conversation went like this-
Man- What do I do with these?
Officer- You pay them. You pay them within the next 20 days.
Man- No. I'm a good driver. I was going the speed limit.
Officer- Sir, there is no way you were going the speed limit and did this kind of damage. 
Man- I'm a good driver. My son was in the car.
Officer- This is a straight road. No curves. There is no reason for you to be driving on the other side of the road. Why were you driving on the wrong side of the road?
Man- There must be something wrong with my car. (He was still holding the tickets away from he hoped the officer would just take them back.)
Officer- What do you think is wrong with your car?
Man- The brakes.
Officer- Sir, if something was wrong with the still would not cause you to drive on the wrong side of the road. You were not paying attention.
Man- (laughs) I'm a good driver. I do not drive down streets to hit cars.
Officer- Sir, you need to admit that you weren't paying attention.
Man- (laughs) I was going the speed limit.
Me- Sir, I'm TERRIBLY sorry that you find this funny. (point at my car) THIS IS NOT FUNNY.
Officer- Ma'am, you have all of his information. Go and call the insurance and get the policy started. You can call me if you need anything else. But, the insurance should take care of everything for you. I need to go write up the report. Do you have any other questions?
Me- No. I guess not.

Then the man and the officer left. He never apologized. To my sister (when I was in the house getting my ID and camera), to the officer, to me......he never said one word of apology. I think that is what makes me the most angry. 
I called my insurance.....she called his insurance........the tow truck guy came. I said, "guess what? The guy that did this said he was going the speed limit." The tow truck guy looked at my car. "Bullshit," he said. "Tell me about it," I said.
We couldn't get the driver side door open. He had to use a crowbar to try and unbend the rear rim enough to get my spare on. 
Yesterday I got a voice mail. I had called to ask if there was any kind of update....or if my car had just been totaled. The voice mail said that it was going to be close. But, they didn't have all the parts, and the places he needed to call to get pricing on the parts had closed. So, he would have to finish the estimate on Monday. But, the message said that I need two new doors and the accident took out the rear axle.
....................SPEED LIMIT?! Right.

Anyway...............that is why I didn't like Wednesday very much...........

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Lovely Lisa said...

Sorry, Leah-Face. That sucks. :(