Monday, December 26, 2011

Feeling Old?

My niece turns 18 tomorrow. She is the second niece to turn 18 this year. They were both born the year I turned 15. (One of them was actually born on my birthday)
But, that isn't the part that makes me feel old.
I had two friends in junior high that got pregnant when we were 14. They had babies the summer we turned 15. I had moved away by the time the babies were born. We moved to St., I never met the babies.
But, that still isn't the part that makes me feel old....
We went to dinner for Sid's birthday. Fantastic Italian food!!!! I thought we had a lovely evening.
I was thinking about how Sid is going to graduate from high school........and be an adult and junk.
And then I thought.......I know two people MY AGE that have kids graduating from high school.
That made me feel old for them.
I still don't really feel old.
Well, I do a little. But, mostly.......people my age have teenagers. I bet they feel old sometimes. Sheesh. How are we old enough to have teenagers?

K. So, that is what my brain is thinking about. I can't sleep. My brain needs to shut up. We can continue the thinking tomorrow......

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