Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful 2011

K. I haven't done this in a year or two.........

These are in no particular order. And this list is never really finished. I have so much to be thankful for....I am thankful for SO MUCH.......there is no way I could ever really write it all down.
But, you know how I love to try:

I am thankful for:

Jesus loving me just as I am, my family, my friends, CHEESE, laughter, books, poetry, emotions, Katie and Becca, Tiffani, Wendy, TJ, Melissa, Off the Cuff, my family loving me even when I'm kind of crazy, Navin, being able to keep in touch with my friends when I feel so far away, knowing I have people in my life that will be there when I am old, Memorie, Tia, going to China to teach a language I love with incredible passion, my family being excited with me about my adventure, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter, my sister doing the 'sweater dance,' still being friends with people that were important to me when I was a teenager, Facebook putting me back in contact with those people that were important to me as a teenager, finding that some of those people are still important to me, seeing my friends live their dreams, discovering that I'm not as far off from my dreams as I once thought I was, getting a little healthier everyday, my PAPPY, my mom, finding out that my heart beats too slow and finding out what to do about it, dropping some serious shiz in the middle of my thankful post to see if peeps are paying attention, letting go of old grudges and finding I like myself better because I can 'grow up and get over it,' reading, did I mention laughing, travel, believing in equality, purple, listening to my family members laugh, making people laugh, rock and roll, dudes that can play guitar, art, expressing myself, hugging people I love, high fives, Ocean Water from Sonic, feeling blessed, my brothers, listening to my twin brothers work off each other like a comedy duo, DisneyLAND, more cheese, Kermit the Frog, baby smiles, knowing that God is good and He has GOT to have a sense of humor, Batman...................

And so forth.........

Happy Thanksgiving.

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