Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Forgot!

Yo. So...a few months ago I wrote a poem for a contest. And then...I forgot to enter the contest.

I just found the poem. I'm laughing because I don't even remember if the contest had a topic.

So, either I was in a really bad mood when I wrote this.....or the topic wasn't a super happy one....


Hello, dismal existence.
I can't plant flowers anymore.
It is too ugly here,
too cold.
I wrote a letter to hopeful future,
but the letter was returned
and now I only taste despair.
What's that?
Oh. No thank you, dismal existence.
I have no need for flowered words.
Please tell poetry to leave a message.
I see.
Well, if poetry wishes to live inside of me
then there must be room for
darkness too.
Because it is ugly here,
too cold.
I see.
I understand.
Let us tell loneliness to pack up and
Then maybe we will see the sun
behind the clouds.
I'll write hopeful future an email.
I think you are right, dismal existence.
It's time we took a break.
I understand.
It's time we went our separate ways.

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