Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bad Leah!

I'm a bad blogger. I'm horrible! I get distracted by other things and I forget that I have a blog.
Here are some things that have distracted me:

Trying to figure out Google +
Trying to decide if I like Google + enough to try and figure it out
Trying to care about Twitter
Pondering Social Media
Wondering if Social Media makes me feel social
Trying to decide if it is time to leave Facebook
Not leaving Facebook because I don't think my family will wander over to Google +

See...I want to be able to share my adventures in China with my friends and family. So, that means I will probably have to stay on Facebook to do it, but I'm really losing my lovin' feelin' for Facebook. I left MySpace a long time ago and it FELT GREAT! The more he changes Facebook....the more I wonder if it is time to FEEL GREAT again.

I had to get a bunch of shots for China
Trying to figure out how to find money to buy new make-up, socks and underwear before I move to China..........

See? Distractions. I know I could have been blogging about my distractions. But, I was distracted and didn't think about it until this morning.
You know what made me think of my blog? Gmail informed me that they are retiring the Buzz feature. And I thought- "Good. I hate that s**t. But, I liked that they re posted my blog as.........HEY!"
And then I wrote this....


Charlie Pulsipher said...

Yay for distracted China stuff!!!

Word verification was "follazat" as in you are follazat shiz yo.

DGri said...

your problems with facebook may be solved! unless you're in Hong Kong or have an internet connection routed through HK, FB is blocked throughout China! good news? perhaps! :)