Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Danger is spelled with a $

Okay, before I tell you about my dream last night............I need you to picture a dude. Imagine that Christian Bale and Dylan McDermott had a baby. That is what the dude in my dream looked like.


K. In my dream last night...I was totally in love with this dude. I didn't think he knew I existed. He came to my work every once and a while, but he was nice to the whole office. I pined for him. Hard.
Then, in my dream, Ke$ha planted a bomb in my neighbors couch. The bomb killed like 7 people in my apartment complex. (RANDOM)
The dude came running to my apartment to make sure I was safe. I was home when the bomb went off. I had seen Ke$ha with the bomb. But, somehow, my apartment was not touched. (I don't know why I didn't call the fuzz)
So......dude says, "I'm going to take you somewhere safe." And he leads me by the hand to his apartment. He kept looking back at me like he was so glad to see me alive. I felt like I was flying. Maybe he really did share my feelings!
We get to his apartment (he didn't live very far away from me) and he takes me into his arms. "I'm so happy you are safe!" And he kisses me!
And then he disappears. Or becomes invisible. I'm not really sure. Because I was still going through the kissing motions..............but, no one was standing in front of me.......
And I thought, "why do I keep trying? Why am I pining? He's gone. He was probably never there."
I could hear the sound of more fire trucks. Then, Ke$ha started laughing at me and I woke up.

So, does this mean that Ke$ha is going to ruin my life?

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Charlie Pulsipher said...

Okay...less crack before bed and stop falling in love with ghosts who care about your safety, but once they save you and fulfill their earthly business are called away in the mysteries. Don't give up though. There are non-ghost guys out there...unless I see dead people...then I don't know.