Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Interview

Hey Peeps,

I had my first interview last night. (9:30pm in Texas. 10:30am in Beijing) I think it went pretty well! Funny part: The guy interviewing me was from North Carolina. But, he has been living and working in China for two years.
My next interview is on Sunday night. I wonder if that one will go better because I'm a bit less nervous. Instead of 42 hernias....I might just have 40.
I'm really excited to start teaching. I can't wait to get a classroom and meet my students. I just have to get through all the interview stuff.........and then the visa stuff..........and then the traveling......and then the real fun can begin!!!!

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Lovely Lisa said...

Good luck, Miss Leah! One of our Curves members is working in China right now. She's enjoying it.