Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Interview

Hey Peeps,

I had my first interview last night. (9:30pm in Texas. 10:30am in Beijing) I think it went pretty well! Funny part: The guy interviewing me was from North Carolina. But, he has been living and working in China for two years.
My next interview is on Sunday night. I wonder if that one will go better because I'm a bit less nervous. Instead of 42 hernias....I might just have 40.
I'm really excited to start teaching. I can't wait to get a classroom and meet my students. I just have to get through all the interview stuff.........and then the visa stuff..........and then the traveling......and then the real fun can begin!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Night...

I could not sleep. I tossed and turned until almost 2am. You might ask why...I did too. I even asked why out loud a few times (maybe I was hoping the empty room would have a good answer).
I don't know why. But, my brain was super busy last night. DOING NOTHING IMPORTANT!!!
Here are a few of the gems that were keeping me awake:

Nick Lachey was in 98 Degrees. What a stupid band name. Wait. Do any boy bands have good bands names? I don't think they do.
Nouns are people, places or things.
I'm going to be really sad when Sean Connery dies.
I'm a proper noun and a regular noun.

At this aren't going to believe this.....12:30something....I sat up, bought an app, and played grammar games for about 20 minutes.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. It would be cool if I was rich.
I wonder what other grammar game apps are out there? I should look into that. NO! GO TO SLEEP!
I'll look into that tomorrow.
It is tomorrow.
I have an interview with China on Thursday.
That probably isn't going to help my interview.
Wouldn't it be cool if Sean Connery tried an American accent in a movie? Just once before he died. He can't be as bad as Gerard Butler.

And it pretty much just kept on going. My brain WOULD NOT SHUT UP!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Order...

I will now type some of my thoughts for you. They are in a mostly random order-

Andre 3000 has really beautiful hair. I used to watch Outkast videos online to see what his hair looked like in each video. Yeah. I did that....and then I admitted it.
I'm not okay with a Dirty Dancing remake. I will admit that there are all sorts of people that could play Baby. I could cast her with some of my own friends! But, there is no one that can play Johnny Castle. No one. I read a list today of people that are on some sort of wish list. It sort of made me feel ill inside. I hope, very strongly, that they cast an unknown. But, really...I'm just not okay with a Dirty Dancing remake.
I want a peanut butter cookie really bad. I haven't had one since January. I don't know why.
I really don't like feet. I need to give myself a pedicure, but I keep putting it off because I don't want to touch my feet.
Have you read the hyperboleandahalf blog? She is genius. GENIUS! Sometimes I wish I could write blogs like her. But, then I type stuff like this and think about how I'm glad I don't have any pictures of feet on my blog. (Even cartoon feet)
I have read some rumors about my George Clooney. You cannot EVEN imagine how much I hope they are not true. Not because it was my turn or anything.....because I have respect for him and thought he had taste........and all I can hear is her wrestling intro music when I think about it.
It rained a little here today. We needed it sooooooo bad. I hope we get more.
The Covert Affairs season finale made me cry. Yeah. AND I ADMITTED IT.
Actually, I do have a sympathetic crying problem. Most of the time. There are some people that can't get a tear out of me. Mary Murphy is one of those people.
More CHEESE! Sometimes I wonder why I love cheese so much. But, then I get distracted because I just want to eat it. Why think about cheese when you can be eating it????
It was stupid of me to write that..........cause why blog about cheese when you can be eating it?