Thursday, June 16, 2011


Okay, so this last weekend was my first weekend of class. I'm taking a class to get TESL certification.

A lot of people have asked me what TESL is...and that surprises me. I'm not sure why I thought that was common knowledge, but I did. Maybe because I've wanted the certification for so long. I guess I thought I talked about it more!

This week we had a bunch of grammar homework. And I died. I'm a bit shocked (I'll even use the word flabbergasted) at how difficult the homework turned out to be. First, it hasn't been that long since I graduated from college. Second, some of that stuff I swear they didn't teach us....and if they did teach us, they certainly didn't tell us what the rules were called.

Even the teacher warned us on Friday. She said, "if you aren't worried about grammar, you probably should be. Most people are taught how through examples." I wasn't quite sure what she meant until Monday afternoon.

Anyway, enough about the death of Leah via grammar............let's talk about the good stuff! The in class stuff only lasts for a few more weeks. Then I have to take classes online for a total of 40 hours (at my own pace). But, you know I'll be going fast as I can! After that part is over (some of it is more grammar death) I can start applying for teaching jobs!

I'm hoping to go to India or Korea. India because that is where Navin is from and I'd love to meet his family and junk. Korea because they love their teachers and seem to pay really well! China does too, but most of those jobs seem to want teachers with a bit more experience.

Exciting and new! I'm really looking forward to my next adventure. We should start playing a game called, Where in the World is President Leah?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deep-Down-Sharing Time

Do you need popcorn, tea or an apple? I don't know what kind of treats you enjoy during sharing time. Are you ready for some deep-down-sharing time?

Here we go:

I said the same prayer (almost) every night for over 8 years. I even said it a few time as an adult (college years).

Imagine little Leah, medium teenage Leah, and 20 something Leah crawling into bed with a stuffed animal. All curled up around the stuffed animal...

Dear, kind Heavenly Father-

Thank you for my life, family, friends, a roof over my head and food to eat. Please bless us that we will have more happy times and my mom will feel nice. (Sometimes things were added here. Like, please bless me that I will be nice to so and so....or please bless my brother that he will be this and that....)
Heavenly Father, I'm about to go to sleep. Please bless me that, as long as I'm holding this stuffed animal, no ghosts or aliens will be able to hurt me in my bed. Please bless that it won't count when I fall asleep and let go because I'm asleep and I won't know I let go.

In the name of thy son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

You might have some questions.
1. Why do I have this prayer memorized? Because I said it (almost) every night for over 8 years.
2. What stuffed animal did I hold? A pound puppy named Muffy. Then Eeyore...and in college, a William Shakespeare doll.
3. Why did I say this prayer in college? A few things happened that made me change the word ghosts to demons.
4. What were those things that made you change the word? I'll tell you later. But, a big part of it is: I have VERY vivid nightmares.
5. Why were you so worried about ghosts and aliens as a child? I watched Unsolved Mysteries. (Too much? Probably.)

So, this concludes this session of deep-down-sharing time. Your last question may be....why did you feel the need to share this? I watched Toy Story 3. I wondered if my stuffed animals and toys felt abandoned, talked to a friend about how great that movie was, and then remembered the prayer and the toys that kept me safe......

I love sharing. :) I may have an apple now......