Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stratford and Denial

I want to tell you about Stratford. I want to tell you about how my life was changed. I want to tell you about how every moment of today was magic for me. (Even the stupid argument that I got into with Navin)
Have you ever been to a place that made you feel like you were coming home? I feel that way about Disneyland and a few cities in America. But, I have never felt it as strongly as I did today.
I want to tell you about how today was just about the best day ever.
But, the problem is, I have no words for today! Maybe it just hasn't settled in. Maybe I'm still on a Shakespeare high.
Or, maybe I can't talk about it because something heavier is weighing on my heart and soul.
I leave on Monday. I don't want to. I'm in full blown denial.

Maybe I'll tell you about Stratford later. Or you can go through the pictures on Facebook. I did a pretty good job with captions.
But, for now my friends, you must leave me to hold back tears and say my goodbyes...