Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here Comes the Crazy...

Today we went to the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery down the hill from Navin's house. They are doing an exhibition called Ffilms. I went there last June...and it was basically all the same stuff. But, they had changed two rooms into little movie theatres. And peppered throughout the art you would find random TV sets with short films. Some strange stuff, people.
One set had four different short films from one artist. All four films were set in a cow pasture. The first one, he walked into the middle of the screen with a large sunflower covering his face. Cows were grazing behind him. He stood there for two full minutes.....peaking around the flower. Navin walked away. But, it was like a train wreck for me. I had to see what he did next.
Next, he wandered around the pasture holding a bush. Then he drove a truck through the pasture...churning up cow manure as he went. I remember that one was called, "Shit Stirrer."
Navin teased me a bit, but I couldn't stop watching! I finally walked away from the fourth one. He put a plank of wood on top of a tall bare tree and called it a table in the sky. I watched for a minute. Just a plank of wood in the air with a bird or two flying around it. He finally lost me.'s the real story....Navin and I walked into one of the theatres and sat down to watch one of the "feature films." You guys..................CRAZY TIME!!! It was a choir singing a musical called, "Golden Space City of God."
This is what I kept thinking: Some choir nerd read the book of Revelations, stayed up all night, got stoned...and wrote a musical!
I kept trying not to laugh. I did. But, you guys, did you know that God lives in a gold space ship? It's made of gold, but it is still see glass. So that the Saints can see Earth.
Also, the Saints are going to have special powers and be able to fly. And they can read minds! This is so they can spy on all the people that are wicked...
Okay. Please google it. I could go on all night, but I'm starting to get tired. So, I will finish telling you about our day.
We walked to the library. I can't stay away from books for long. So, I picked up a few and Navin did too.
Then we came home. We weren't home long when Chico called. He wanted to go get tea at McDonald's. Navin said no. I love Navin. So, Chico asked if we wanted to go get some tea somewhere....we really went to Mumbles and got ice cream. Then we walked along the pier for a bit. The view was amazing! I really like Mumbles. There is something about that city that I wish I could explain. Maybe a poem is brewing in my brain about it...
We stopped at Tesco on the way home. Chico picked up some French Bread and an Indian beer called Cobra. It was pretty good bread. But, Chico ate one piece and said something to Navin in Hindi....Navin went into the kitchen and came back with ketchup. Chico dipped the rest of his bread into ketchup. This was probably the strangest thing I'd seen all day. It topped the dude in the cow pasture.
Oh! Before I get ready for bed! I don't know if you have been looking at my pictures on Facebook. I bet you have. Cause you are all awesome peoples. Remember this picture?

 Navin told me to make a face. Then I told him to make a face:

Guess what? I WIN!!!

Goodnight, my peoples. May the cheese be with you.

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Briana said...

Golden Spaceship? Sounds like scientology to me. :)