Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dream Time...

Okay, so, I'm going to tell you my weird dream. I know I do that a lot, but...I have a lot of them! So, simmer down and listen. Er......read.

(The people in the dream were from my SUU days. So, I apologize if you don't know who I'm talking about.)

I was called back to SUU for a big event. They asked me to be the fly op for the event and even paid for my airfare to get back to the school.
I got there and they wouldn't give me a headset. I kept asking how I was supposed to know the cues. Becca Fischer was the SM, but I couldn't find her to tell her that no one would give me a headset. I was so nervous about missing all my cues!
Then, it got worse, because they wouldn't even let me see a rehearsal. Kevin Lindsay had choreographed this two hour long dance number. He brought dancers in from Brazil (RANDOM) for the event. But, he wouldn't let us watch the dance before hand....because he kept talking about how it was going to be EPIC. It was all about how France had outlawed the burka in public.
So, he gave us a general idea of when stuff should happen and they let the audience in.
Just as they started dancing, the grand drape broke. I'm standing there, with no headset, holding on to that rope for dear life....wondering how I'm going to make my other cues. So, I asked Ashley to come over from the prop table and hold the rope for me. She does, but she gets so wrapped up in the dance that she lets the drape start to fall. I hurry up my cue and run back over......it happens twice more. The audience seems to think it is all part of the show. They seem to be getting the idea that the falling drape is about how these women are hidden from the world....
Then, I can hear Dr. Lewis in the audience yelling about what a crap job I'm doing. He is going on and on about how you can't find a good stage hand anymore. The audience thinks this is part of the show too. I'm not sure why....but, everyone is moved and crying.....and my arms are killing me cause the grand drape just keeps getting heavier.
Then, Kevin comes backstage to find out what I'm doing. His face turns purple, but it looks like someone hit the mute button. I know he is yelling, but I can't hear him. He points over my head and makes all these wild motions. I try to explain that no one gave me a headset. I'm doing the best I can.
Katie Fischer walks up behind me and asks where the costumes went....then she asks why Kevin is purple. I tell her I don't have a headset. She says she will go get one. So, I stand there waiting and miss two cues while I'm holding up the grand drape. Kevin has continued to yell at me without making a sound.
Katie returns...........with two hard boiled eggs. She hands one to me and starts eating the other one. I take a bite and ask her if she brought any salt.

I wake up. It takes me a minute to remember where I am.....


Singletonmd said...

Well eggs are always better with salt. Katie is a good friend.

Cameron and Nonie said...

You are so funny. I can never remember my dreams. I'm kinda sad I didn't get to be a part of it, it sounded like a hoot.