Thursday, April 21, 2011

:), I'm not wearing make-up. Forgive me. But, I like this photo too much to care.

This about sums it up, my friends. I spend my days making funny faces and noises...he laughs with me. (At me?) My life is full of pictures of me making faces and trying to get my friends and family to laugh. It is a gift! Some people think I'm silly. That's probably true, but it feels like a blessing to me too.

Speaking of my life....tomorrow is my birthday. I don't feel my age, you guys. The other day I started to wonder what age I do feel.................nothing. I feel like Leah. Maybe I measure my life in a different way?
I realized that I look at my life like this: This year, Leah was smart-ish. In the year 2000, Leah was kind of dumb. In such and such year, Leah was super dumb. Hopefully Leah learned a lot and will never be that dumb again!
So, here I go into another year. I hope to learn more, be smarter with my choices, find joy in simple things, and bring more laughter to the people I love!

HERE WE GO! (It is now 1 hour and 18 minutes until my birthday hits Wales)


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Cameron and Nonie said...

Hey beautiful! Happy Birthday. I love all your amazing pictures and wish I could come see them too. You are welcome to come and make silly faces with me any time because I miss you. Have a wonderful and even more beautiful day.