Sunday, March 13, 2011

Road Trip: Adventure #4

This is the last adventure on this road trip. Sort of...I did have a short adventure where I ended up in a town that Katie, Becca and I had an opportunity to move to. Who thinks we are uber blessed because we didn't move there? This girl. GPS said that I was going to arrive at 9:09pm. I was super excited cause I had been in the car since 7am and I was starting to get a bit crazy. I found myself funny and entertaining, but crazy.
I spent three hours reading signs in a Jimmy Stewart voice. Which was only funny because my Jimmy Stewart voice is HORRIBLE. Then I spent an hour reciting various SpongeBob lines. Then I spent 30 minutes reading road signs in a Woody Allen voice. (Which became a Woody Allen and Jimmy Stewart argument about bears attacking people in the woods)
AND THEN...I got really bored.
I started singing the songs on the radio in an opera voice. It's something I do on road trips to keep me awake. Every song is funny in an opera voice.
So, I called my parents when I had 20 minutes left in the trip. To tell them I would be there soon and I was safe and junk. 5 minutes later I turned onto I 66 E and the GPS told me to drive for 61 miles before my next turn. I yelled, "I can't drive 61 miles in 15 minutes!"
And then it occurred to GPS doesn't change time zones automatically like my phone. I still had another hour in the drive.
I called my parents and Kasha. Then I started singing the songs on the radio in a very sad opera voice.


Tiffani said...

LOL Leah-Face!

Catherine Banks said...

So glad you made it safe and sound!