Sunday, March 13, 2011

Road Trip: Adventure #2

I stopped for gas the first time in Arkansas. Some tiny little town called Friendship or something. A name that made you feel welcome.......
Until I got to the Shell station. This gas station has probably been in every horror movie I've ever seen. Or, it had to at least inspire a few scenes in horror movies.
Most of the lights around the place didn't work and there were trees everywhere. Lots of places for Freddie and Jason to hide.
The lady behind the counter was missing some teeth (NOT KIDDING), she had a slow Southern drawl and droopy eyes. She smiled and took my money....told me to have a good even'....
I said, "Thank you. Where is the restroom?"
Creepy smile, "Round the side, hon. Round the side."
So, I fill up my tank and go around the side. The ladies room is locked. There was one other truck there at the time. So, I figured someone from the truck was in there. But, a few minutes go by and the dude in the truck finishes his cigarette and drives away.
I figured maybe I missed the chick getting in the truck. So, I go around the side again and try the door. Locked. So, I decide to use the dude restroom and just get it over with and leave the horror movie set.
I come back outside and there is a new truck. Parked under a broken light over by the trees. All in shadow. I started laughing a bit hysterically and got into my car and sped away.
I'm telling you....horror movies.

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