Sunday, March 13, 2011

Road Trip: Adventure #1

Okay, so...I'm going to Wales! But, first I had to drive to Virginia to Kasha's house. I was supposed to leave Monday around Noon. The plan was to get to a sleeping spot around 6:30pm so that I could watch 'House.' Yes, I know that I have issues.
Anyway, Noon comes around and Debbie and I say goodbye to each other and she helps me load up the car with the last few things. We hug and leave her house at the same time.
I'm halfway down the street when I realize that my cell phone is on her kitchen counter. EEEEEE! So, I go to Firestone...hoping and praying that Firestone was her first errand.
She is there, but she doesn't have a house key on her key chain! And the garage door opener is built into the truck!
So, I go back to the house and check the back gate. Locked. I go back to Firestone and Debbie had been picked up by a friend for lunch. I wait an hour. Debbie returns. Debbie takes my car and goes back to the house and JUMPS THE BACK FENCE in flip flops to check the back door. And, of course, I had remembered to lock it.
Then she drives to the high school and gets the house key from Sidney and brings me my phone. I finally get on the road at around 2:30. By the time 6:30 rolls around......I'm in the middle of nowhere! So, I called Kasha and asked her to DVR the show for me.
I did get to watch 'House'....just a few days late. =)

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