Wednesday, March 2, 2011



This is what I've been thinking about today:

I listen to rap. Stop judging me. But, this morning, I was listening to a morning show on a rap station...and something profound occurred to me. Well, maybe it was only profound to me.

Some rappers create music about strippers, killing cops, beating "bitches," throwing money at chicks while they dance, bringing chicks home and making them use a stripper pole......and all sorts of other things.
Now, not all rap is like that. Some rap is really funny and entertaining! Sometimes they are going on and on about strippers and even THAT is funny. I was being general to make a point.
But, none of this is my point. (Yet)

My point many rappers give all the credit to God. Everything they do, everything they have, everything they create....they give the credit to Jesus/God/Lord/Father Above.
I find that amazing. I was thinking this morning that it is proof that we are not made of what we do. We cannot be totally defined by what we do. A big part of it is who we are at the core. Isn't it?

That makes up a big part of thoughts today. Just thought I would share....

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